Brown Rogers Dixson Company - Winston-Salem, NC

  • Crosely Wholesale
    Crosely Wholesale
  • Crosley Appliance Rotator
    Crosley Appliance Rotator
  • Upholstery Rotator
    Upholstery Rotator
  • Bedroom Rotator
    Bedroom Rotator
  • Youth Rotator 2
    Youth Rotator 2
  • Crosley Outdoor Camo Freezer
    Crosley Outdoor Camo Freezer

Welcome to Brown-Rogers-Dixson Company

Since 1880 Brown-Rogers-Dixson has supplied independent retailers with world class products. Brown-Rogers-Dixson is a family owned wholesale company that only sells to independent dealers.

With over a 130 years of experience our goals and commitment remain consistent: Provide the best products and service to help our current and future retail partners grow their business's.